Weekend Link Love

Oh man. If only our landlady would let us build one of these. Then we’d be in heaven. Does anyone have a set up similar to this? Do you like it?

Litter Lifter
This is the one we use. No shaking required, which means not stirring up dust when you scoop. I would feel strange saying that a litter scoop changed my life, but if I were to say it, it would be about this scoop.

Precious Cat Litters
We love Dr. Elsey’s cat litter. If you’d like to try some free of risk, they have a great rebate. Just click here.

Solving Litter Box Issues
The tone of the website can be a bit strident, but just ignore that and focus on the information. It’s insanely useful.

Kitten Break
Gimmee a break, gimmee a break, break me off a piece of that… no, that’s not right.

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